Innova Benelux was founded in 1999 by Wim Aarts. Originally Innova Benelux was intended to act as a platform to launch new products in the plastics and rubber industry, industrial microwave, industrial efficiency improvement, carbon reinforced product and technical fibers.
Over the years the company acted as agent for a range of products in Benelux and Germany.

After a few years of low activity the company started focusing on renewable energy, in 2013 Igor Hensing and Frans Tuuk became major shareholders in Innova Benelux , marking the start to add project development in sustainable energy and digital infrastructure to Innova’s activities.


Wim Aarts

Wim Aarts has an engineering degree in mechanical engineering from Delft University of Technology.

From 1974 – 1986 Wim Aarts worked for Akzo Nobel in the fibre industry as a development engineer and business development manager (energy efficiency in green house construction). For Vredestein Wim worked as business development manager (1986 – 1990) to set up a new coolant hose production facility (patented) and market development for the automotive industry (OEM supplier).

From 1990 Wim worked as a private consultant (Aarts Consult) in energy efficiency, project development and patent consulting. Aarts Consult started the energy efficiency programme for the rubber and plastics industry up to 2002, this industry ranked first in energy efficiency improvement in the Netherlands (20 % in the 10 year period 1990 – 2000). From 2002 – 2006 this efficiency programme was also introduced in Belgium (associated with Arcadis / Gedas and ERM). In 1999 he founded Innova Benelux BV, which was set up to act as a technical sales platform for innovative technologies and products.
For Ecofys (sustainable energy consultants) he worked as a regional director and senior consultant from 2006 – 2010 and was co-founder of the border crossing energy network organization “Energy Hills”, combining Belgian, Dutch and German companies, universities and local authorities (Board member and Vice President from 2007 – 2013).


Frans Tuuk

Frans has an engineering degree in mechanical engineering from Delft University of Technology.

In 2013 Frans became a managing partner in Innova Benelux. He started working for Shell on various overseas assignments and started working for the Dutch chemical industry at DSM at the end of the 1980’s. Later he took on various interim positions before starting a career in Fibre Optic and Telecom.
Frans specialities are project management for large and complex projects and especially projects for deployment of broadband via Fibre Optic networks in cities.


Igor Hensing

Igor Hensing has an engineering degree in mining and petroleum from Delft University of Technology and has received an ICID from Imperial College for the 4th year of Earth Resources Engineering.

He became a managing partner in Innova Benelux in 2013 and is still the owner of HMRE Consulting (Germany, since 2011). Igor has worked in the chemical industry (Rhodia) as operational excellence manager in Energy Services, in carbon credit and renewable energy project development and consulting (OneCarbon/Ecofys) and in the cement industry HeidelbergCement.

His specialties focus on renewable energy project development, technology scouting, innovation and providing strategic advice.